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The Żmigród Forest Inspectorate is a unit of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Wrocław and is located in the North of Dolny Śląsk. Its total area as of January 1, 2009 covers 16,032 ha and is divided into two districts: Sułów (with the area of 8,018 ha) and Żmigród (with the area of 8,014 ha), further divided into 11 sub-districts: Olsza, Łąki, Koniowo, Gruszeczka and Ujeździec in the district of Sułów and Wilkowo, Niezgoda, Przywsie, Radziądz, Borek and Chodlewo in the district of Żmigród. The Forest Inspectorate is based in Żmigród and is located several hundred metres away from the national road S-5 between Wrocław and Poznań.

Pine is the dominant species in these forests – it covers 9,536.37 ha, which accounts for 82.86 per cent of the total afforested area. Two other species: oak and alder account for less than 10% of the total area each (oak – 2,067.80 ha, i.e. 7.12% and alder – 1,823.79 ha, i.e. 6.28%). The coniferous species: pine, larch, spruce, and Douglas fir account for 83.44% of the total area, which means that the deciduous species cover 16.56% of the Inspectorate’s afforested area. There are three natural reserves within the Inspectorate: “Olszyny Niezgodzkie”, “Radziądz”, and “Stawy Milickie” (bird reserve). The Inspectorate’s forests located in the reserve “Stawy Milickie” are the protection zone for the bird reserve. The total area of the reserves is 332 ha, i.e. 2.13% of the total area of the Inspectorate.

Protection forests, with the dominance of water protection forests, cover 7,356 ha, and managed forests – 7,088 ha. The biggest part of the Inspectorate’s forests is located within the scenic park “Dolina Baryczy”.

The European Ecological Natura 2000 Network is another system of protected areas called refuges. A bird refuge “Dolina Baryczy” with the code OSO (Area of Special Protection) and a habitat refuge “Ostoja nad Baryczą” marked SOO (Special Area of Protection) are being created within the Żmigród Forest Inspectorate.

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